China Club

The China Club Casebound Book and Clothbound Box Sleeve are both done with an extreme attention to detail of a quality print and bindery production.

The Clothbound Box Sleeve to Enclose the Book

The black cloth wrap has an interesting black foil stamping of a dragon onto the lid of the Box Sleeve. A nice added touch of gold foil showing the “CC” of the “China Club” logo. Both of these foils are basically de-bossed into the cloth from the pressure applied when foiling. It gives a great tactile feel to the cover of the sleeve presentation box.

The inside of the box is gold paper with a gold ribbon to help pull the Case Bound Book from the Box Sleeve. The complete sleeve fits together like a door into its frame. It just feels right when it closes. You almost hear the front cover slam when it shuts.

The China Book

The outside front case of the book has been gold foil stamped on black cloth with the title of the book both in both English and Chinese.

The text in the book is printed full colour with a fifth colour and overall satin aqueous coating. The inside of the book created special challenges. The designer wanted to to use gold ink as a background to some full colour scans.

This is a case of not being able to envision the end colour scans with the gold ink incorporated into the scans. Metallic gold ink can’t be proofed with a convention printer’s proof. It can only be simulated with a yellow from the full colour scan.

For a true look, we enacted press tests, which were done for a modest price, to give the designer comfort in what they wanted in the end colour scan or pictures. We did colour strips with various screen intensities of metallic gold ink behind the four colour scans, to see which was the most desirable gold effect. When the artist found what they liked replica tag heuer best; we incorporated the same gold ink screen value into the specified colour scans with a fifth colour of metallic gold ink throughout the book.

It created an outstanding looking book in the end!

Bindery, was a casebound book, sewn, with black rainbow endpapers with a high quality coated text and a black cloth bound case.

This was an outstanding presentation for the end user client, to give to their future member guests.

Design Firm — Free Agency Creative
Art Director — Lisa Lehmann