In conjunction with Wasserman and Partners Advertising Agency, Hawton Print was called upon to produce an ICBC Self Mailer.

Direct Mailer

Wasserman’s production person, art director and Hawton all worked together to develop a pull apart self mailer. Copy was being displayed and moving through a cut-out word bubble window as it was being pulled apart. The copy read in both English and Punjabi.


Several rounds of paper dummies were made, to work towards the perfect addressed self mailer. On the back of the pull out mailer, there are two plasticized wallet cards, the size of credit cards, which Hawton had manufactured as well. One card in English and one in Punjabi for keeping in one’s wallet. They have a Dial-A-Claim phone number on the cards to connect with ICBC for 24 hours service.

The cards were adhered to the mailer with fugitive glue dots. Then the mailer was die cut, perforated
and cheap lace dresses glued together to make one sealed envelope with an easy break away envelope in the end.

The client was so pleased with the performance of the mailer they sent a letter of praise to the advertising agency.

All in all, a very cool project to work on for Hawton Print Management Inc.

When Hawton is brought in early on a job, they can work harmoniously with your team to make the perfect print application for your needs and wants. Hawton’s credo is: “Great Quality at a Fair Price.”

Client — Wasserman and Partners
Production Manager — Steve Coulter