Pender Place

This was a bindery innovation.  This book was done as a “Z” binding.  It hadn’t been done before by anybody in our market.  Picking out the materials to give the “Wow Factor.”

The Printing & Binding of the Book

The printing took place on both a coated and uncoated stock to separate the landscape and amenities of the location of the real estate project. The features of the building are shown on the premium uncoated showing a more subdued and elegant look to the actual building.

Although we used our brilliant lithographers, the proof was in the pudding in the bindery. The book had 2 PUR perfect binding to create 1 book.  It was extremely difficult but the bindery pulled through with flying colours.

Both press checks and bindery checks were done by Hawton all along the way, for maximum perfection.

The Slip Case

The case was built at a book bindery.  It started with book binding board wrapped in black cloth.  The case was meant to carry the book and the insert sheets.  The outside front cover of the case was black foil stamped on black cloth.  The “Wow Factor” was amazing. It was finished off with a beautiful grey ribbon to lift the book and inserts out of the case.

There were repeated bindery checks at every stage to make sure the quality was there.

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